Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oracle Data Scientist at BIWA Summit 2013, Outcome

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Oracle Data Certificate Program at BIWA Summit Jan 9-10, 2013. Fourteen attendees registered to participate in this BIWA Certificate Program. Thirteen took the final Quiz and the below is the outcome...

Instructor Level Certificate  - Brendan Tierney

Oracle Data Scientist Certificate 
Don Ferguson, CherryRoad Technologies
Jorge Anicama, IBM (GBS)
Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions
Vijayalakshmi Muthukrishnan, Motorola
Sicheng Liu, Deloitte Consulting
Avik Bhattacharya, Printpack Inc.
Ari Kaplan, Ariball
Paul Mitchell, Oracle

Honorary Oracle Data Scientist Certificate 
Mark Hornick, Oracle
Shyam Varan Nath, IBM
(the above helped with the organization of the Oracle Data Scientist
Curriculum and the Quiz)

Associate Level 
Suresh Anand, Sashatech LLC

Participation Certificate 
Ahmed Kopap
Ekine Akuiyibo
Khader Mohiuddin

We congratulate everyone for their effort. Thanks to Mark Hornick and Brendan for help with this process. Stay tuned for related offerings from BIWA SIG. Join the Linkedin Group for Oracle Data Scientist here.
Shyam Varan Nath

Monday, January 7, 2013

Earn your BIWA Oracle Data Scientist Certificate at BIWA Summit Jan 9-10, 2013

BIWA Summit 2013 is just 2 days away! While you are there (and yes you can still register for the event), you can earn your BIWA Oracle Data Scientist Certificate. In order to do this, you will have to attend the following sessions on Jan 9 or 10 at the Summit:

1) Attend the talk by Brendan Tierney The Oracle Data Scientist   (this is mandatory to attend if you want to earn your certificate)

Then attend three of these sessions (minimum of one Hands-on-Lab):

Jan 9  at 2:30 PM
Karl Rexer, Tim Vlamis Hands-on Lab with Data Mining      (HoL)        OR
Chris Lynskey Oracle Endeca Information Discovery in Action

Jan 10 at 8:45 PM
Keynote: Vaishnavi Sashikanth Making Big Data Analytics Accessible

Jan 10 at 10:10 AM
Mark Hornick   Learn to use Oracle R Enterprise 1.3   (HoL)   OR
Sudip Majumder Industry Specific Data Warehousing & Analysis of Industry Specific Big Data

Jan 10 at 11:20 AM
Charlie Berger Fighting Fraud and Anomaly Detection Using Oracle Advanced Analytics

Jan 10 at 1:20 PM
Keynote Ari Kaplan: Sports Analytics in Action    (applied Data Science)

Jan 10 at 2:30 PM
Mark Hornick Oracle R Connector for Hadoop 2.0

Jan 10, 5 PM
Shyam Varan Nath In-database Advanced Analytics for Oracle BI Applications with Spend Classification

Take the online test here (70% needed to pass), and pick the sessions you attended to fulfill the above.
For any questions contact or
Enjoy our cross continental Oracle Data Scientist Program!