Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OOW 2012 - Wed

I decided to sit closer to the front in the morning keynote today to get better pictures than the comfort of the desk and power outlet in the assigned seating for Bloggers. My picture of Big Data slide by Intel, in Diane's keynote, was re-tweeted by @OracleOpenworld. I found the Intel keynote by Diane Bryant really high quality. She was able to bring in the right themes like Business Intelligence ( 5 + 6  =10 where 5 BI professionals in 6 months can create an ROI of $10m !), Big Data, in-memory database (TimesTen) and the convergence of Server processing, networking and storage.

One striking contrast in the Intel keynote was focus on IT and the Business Transformation enabler. I did not see any thrust on traditional IT shops being asked to "outsource" the core IT to Public or Private Cloud. The Oracle keynote on Sunday seemed to focus in that direction.

The Customer Experience Conference starts today as well....

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