Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summary of Oracle Openworld 2011

Once I was at Oracle Openworld 2011, it became so engaging between my speaking sessions, Customer Panel, Keynote sessions, IBM (GBS) booth duty, customer meetings and all the "appreciation" events, that I could not find time to update the blog sooner. I was able to Tweet regularly as it is so much easier to do that from a Smartphone as against need for portable PC or Tablet for blogging. So I decided to summarize my impressions of OOW 2011 here.

While Oracle Exadata and Exalogic have been around for some time, it is now clear that Oracle is focusing on an appliance or "engineered" system like approach. While industry cynics say it is Oracle's approach to "lock" the customer into single vendor, really speaking the trend was started by likes of Teradata and Netezza who build machines for specific purposes be it data warehousing or something similar. Greenplum, Vertica, Aster Data, PacAccel are some of the ones to follow and their subsequent acquisitions ( IBM-Netezza, HP-Vertica etc) states that "appliance" like trend is no longer an exclusive club. It is just as fashionable as each large player acquiring a BI company (Oracle-Siebel, IBM-Cognos, SAP -Business Objects).  More recently SAP launching HANA ( in-memory platform for high performance analytics), clearly set the tone for extending these boxes to more specific uses and Oracle Exalytics for in-memory BI and Big Data appliance for extending the enterprise to unstructured data with "not only SQL" or "NoSQL" approach.

If you would like to provide some of your feedback on this topic, please check this site:

With the announcement of so many appliances, some of the other major announcements like:

  • General Availability of Fusion Applications with 200 early adopter customers for parts of Fusion Apps
  • Oracle Public Cloud offering 
  • Oracle Social Network 
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  
  • and few other ones that I have missed
One software front, upcoming features of OBIEE were discussed. Another important point is that OBIEE and Essbase software versions that will run on Exalytics will be same as on non-Exalytics platform. Only the config switches will be different for options like "visualization at speed of thought."

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