Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BIWA Techcast May 18, 2011 - Q&A

Thanks to 100+ attendees  and Robert Davis of Oracle for the Techcast today. Slides are now posted here (
We will use this blog to respond to the questions from the Q&A session.

Q Application is supported by 11g or not?    Oracle certifies OBIEE only with  It supports 7.9.6 and higher with OBIEE 11g but you will have to do the platform upgrade yourself.   I personally would not recommend using with OBIEE 11g. You are also on older Informatica with and will soon get out of support.

Q Would you please comment on how OBIEE 11g uses DRM to manage the Hierarchies?    DRM is a product to manage dimensional hierarchies.  I am not aware of a way to import hierarchies from DRM into OBIEE 11g.

Q What is the difference in Role and Group based Security?  Refer slide 39 and 40 of the slides

 Q What has changed in Marketing Segmentation?   (

Q Are all existing issues fixed?  A lot of issues are in OBIEE (fixes from e.g. BUG:12339862 - DESCRIPTOR ID ENABLED COLUMNS DOES NOT SUPPORT SEARCH ON TEXTUAL FILTER VALUES  Oracle will release a list of issues fixed in

Q Is the flash issue fixed in iPad. Apple does not support Flash
Also can we see dashboards and prompts in the native app   See slide 53, 54

Q Thanks a lot for the Presentation.I am interested about the quality of this new release, whether the issues/bugs from previous releases are fixed?  How stable is the .5 release? See last question

Q Any updates on Hyperion Workspace Integration with this was supported in 10G and not in 11g release 1?  Scheduled for   (Yes Oracle says it will not skip to!)

Q What new subject areas have been added?   No new subject areas in, same data model as

Q Are there any tools for Migrating our Discoverer Reporting System to OBIEE?   For EUL to RPD but not for Workbooks to Reports/Dashboards

Q What is your assessment from a skills perspective if we want to go with and 11g for a new install at a client? The implementation resources may be experienced in or before.
The implementer needs skills in OBIEE 11g and WLS, not much of difference in Informatica and DAC.

Q Do you recommend moving the OBIEE platform to using and load the data warehouse using INFA 8.6.1? Is this a recommended approach from Oracle?
Informatica 8.6.x will be de-supported soon, so use Informatica 9.0.x

...more to come

  How does cascading prompt differ from 10g linked prompts?
  Are both DAC patches 10052370 and 12381656 needed or the last one superseeds the former?
  Does the Real-time reporting in 11g is faster and reliable
  Do we have a DEMO / TRAINING Database out of the box for this version?
  Is it supported IBM COGNOS TM1 as a source for OBIEE 10g or 11g?
  We have been facing intermittent server crash
  What Oracle db versions are supported as OBIEE 11g on Oracle 11g gives message as db version not supported?

  Or only support essbasemulti-dimensionaldatabase?
  It was mentioned that Informatica would be continued to be supported (7.9.7.x). How do we see future releases post 7.9x wrt support for Informatica?
  Also, it is supported on Oracle Db 10g version?
  BIAPPS can only run on windows machine (obiee11gr5 installed) - any future plans on pointing the bia installer to an installation of obiee 1115 on a unix machine?
  What is the major advantage of informatica9.1?Compared the 8.6 version?
  Are SAML tokens supported in the OBIEE suite?
  Can we import cognos cubes to OBIEE?
  What are the differences between informatica 9 and 8.6 version. Could you please explain?
  If there are more than 6-7 reports in the dashboard, how does it display in the iPad?
  What tool(s) are used by designers for multidimensional modeling to build the CEIM?
  Do we need to be always connected in the iPad (or) will the dashboards work in Disconnected mode
  Any performance improvements in around better SDE queries etc, dac orchestration?
  Do drillups work in 11g?
       How is has the Version Control and Multiuser Development improved?

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Amir said...

we have worked with obiee 10g and now a days evaluating obiee 11g. The improvements in obiee 11g are impressive