Monday, May 30, 2011

BIWA Techcast related Q&A - OBIEE

Oracle BI Released – OBIEE 11g Changes and New Features (Webinar Questions)

We had two BIWA Techcasts on May 18 and May 25, 2011 with focus on OBIEE and BI Apps There were many questions on OBIEE and we decided to capture the questions and answer them over time here:

What about android or Blackberry support?
A   The Mobile BI support for iPhone and iPad were native in The next release is expected to have support for Andriod followed by support for Win OS. blackberry support will be in the future.

Q Does this still require database access during installation?
A The RCU part of installation requires a relational repository. This is the part common for Fusion Middleware (FMW) and not specifically the OBIEE part but is required. The OBIEE rpd will remain as a file
  Are connection methods same for all OLAPs from various technologies? What approach of connection to SSAS?
  Have support for multiple hierarchies been extended to include value-based hierarchies?
  How easy is the SAP BW Native connectivity, same as Oracle OLAP?  Any additional work to retain the hierarchal structures?
  Any comments/suggestions with respect to the skill sets required for establishing the business model and mapping layer in the CEIM, and the critical nature of this step?
  Has support for multiple RPDs been implemented?
  Can you selectively collapse tables on the Business Diagram?
  I have an issue with annoying "transactional update" been resolved in the Admin Tool?
  MS Office 2010 is certified for OBIEE
  Can you show the segmentation interface and features?
  Are there any enhancements to the Office Add-in.   In particular, ability to use hierarchical columns in pivottables inserted into Excel, or a workaround?  And ability to have attribute columns across the top of a pivottable as seen inserted in Excel?
  Adding to my last question, are there any good tutorials on the Office Add-in?
  Please share info on version management and MUDE in
  Has Discoverer metadata support changed a bit in the newest release?
  Would appreciated any comments regarding multi-user development and the configuration management of the RPD (CEIM metadata) – suggest any best practices.
  For map views on dashboards, do we need to download and configure NAVTEQ maps separately? Is this a separate license?
  Would you please provide details on What OOTB (Out of the box) Hierarchies available in this release? Where can I access the list of Hierarchies available? Can we still use DRM Hierarchy Manager to maintain those Hierarchies?
  Request method for SSAS access from BI Admin Tool.
  Question To Alan Lee: Where do we get the document that has the list of bugs fixed in .5
  Anything new on SAP BW connections
  I could not see link for SSAS in your demo amongst others.
  Can you talk a little bit about the integration points between and JDeveloper ADF
  Question to Bob Ertl: we noticed performance issue on in IE7. Was there any changes done to specifically address the performance in .5
  Could you please elaborate more on your slide 33 "oracle BI 10g upgrade" in terms of LOE to do an upgrade to
  Can you show the segmentation interface and features?
  Are there any improvements in OBIEE 11g with terms of managing Group Names while doing an Integration with LDAP / AD from 10g?

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