Monday, May 30, 2011

BI Forum at Atlanta, May 25-27, 2011 at Atlanta.

I was at the BI Forum last week, which is a niche OBIEE centric event. After holding 3 of these events in UK, Rittman brought is over to Atlanta. In a nutshell was it was 1 day of OBIEE 11g masterclass followed by 10 speakers in next two days. With only 55 attendees, it was limited to be a small event allowing attendees to interactive with each other. My talk's focus was on BI Applications ( and it was on Friday. The biggest concern raised during the Q&A was a lack of systematic way to port OBIEE side customizations as you migrates from one version of BI Apps to next. One of my suggestions was to look at reimplementation approach, such as a customer on EBS R 11.5.10 with OBIA 7.9.5 planning to go to R12.1.x and (with OBIEE 11g). When the migration is over such a large change, just like reimplementation approach to ERP, it may be worthwhile to look at OBIA for similar reimplementation approach, where you install (with OBIEE 11g, Informatica 9.0.x) and then decide which customizations needs rebuilt or porting.

The main focus was OBIEE 11g with good coverage of the release, that came out on May 6. I think the massive changes in the security framework was a big concern, specially by the end-users who are the prospective adopters of OBIEE 11g. Here are the two presentations on the OBIEE 11g security:
One is by Adam Bloom from the UK event (
and another by Suyog Rao in the Atlanta event

I found one additional security blog that looks useful:

It was my first chance to meet Philippe Lions the Product Manager for OBIEE from France. He gave an overview of the new features and the updated sample app for (

Mobile BI has taken a new stride with the out of box support for iPad and iPhone and Kevin McGinley did a great job in is talk. (
His talk was voted the top talk of the Atlanta event. His slides do not do justice to his actual presentation that he did from iPad!

Mark and Stewart did a great job overall in hosting this event as well as in their own talks. The event being in Atlanta, where I spent a good part of 2009 for my OBIEE related client project, allowed me to go and meet them as well.

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