Friday, April 15, 2011

Collaborate 2011 Tue to Wrap!

I micro-blogged this year more than I blogged... along the event...
Now that Collaborate is over I get some time to look back...

Monday I had my talk at 2:30 PM titled "Competing on Appliances..."  Monday the Expo hall opened and I had my first encounter with Watson and play Jeopardy at the IBM booth... the expos hall had good finger food and drinks... good way to drive the crowd.

Tuesday was a very busy day for me... We had the BIWA  keynote by Mark Townsend on Exadata and BI at 10:30 AM... Right after was our Throwdown - The Iron Applications closing event at 11:45..the videos of our presentation are on the YouTube... you can test drive the Team Shefu at user id teamshefu pwd demo  It is the full working application done as POC for the design contest we did in last 30 days under leadership of Tony Jedlinski and Coleman Levitar and myself (Shyam Varan Nath)...

Next I had moderated the BI and EPM Panel... I am thank for the big lineup I had Ed Roske (EPM Ace Director), Rich Solari from Deloitte (BI expert), Tobin Gilman from Oracle (BI/EPM), Swapan Golla from Gallup (Analytics expert) and Abhinav Banerjee (BI implmentor)... I plan to blog about this session a few days later... to recap the discussions. My last session was of the day  was on OBIEE and BI Application at 4:30 PM...  The IBM Reception was the same evening at 7:30 at Cuba Libre. I had invited my customers and some of my other friends like Arup and Vinod Haval were there as well.

On Wedesday I had one formal presentation and that was my Quick Tip on OBIEE 11g upgrade experiences.. It was also part of IOUG Plugged i.e. it could be viewed by those remote audience who registered only for plugged in... the web session was facilitated by the goto meeting.  Though I have done it before, it is still unique experience to present to both in-room audience and remote audience and I missed explicitly welcoming the remote audience or saying good bye to them!

The Wed night was the best part of the event! well the private party with free fod and (soft) drinks and unlimited access to rides. I did the new Harry Potter ride which is somewhat like an indoor roller coaster. The wait was about 15 mins.. but was mainly a walking wait i.e. you walk thru the winding queue to get to the ride.

Thursday was the first day we as part of IOUG Conference Committee I did not have to wake up early for the 7 am meetings... but I did have to attend the BI Publisher presentation that Chris Gay did on our customer OBIEE and BIP implementation.  Next was the Deloitte's OBIEE presentation by Rich Solari and team.  At 12:15 was the IOUG Closing session and the final "Throwdown"  with a quick recap of the Iron Application competition.  There were man interesting questions from the judges and audience.  Judge Maria Anderson said the other team's design was like a light healthy lunch and our entre was the filling sumptious dinner!  No doubth we won but congrats to our worthy competitior Sheeri and Brad on the Silver Medal!

To sum up, the next year event Collaborate will be in Vegas next year! in April 2011.

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