Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What do BIWA SIG members want to learn about in BIWA TechCasts?

From the 2010 BIWA Membership Survey, the BIWA Board of Directors received a lot of valuable insight into the interests of BIWA members. While at Collaborate ’10 last week in Las Vegas, we agreed to post these interests to help presenters tailor their TechCast proposals to meet these interests.

Even though a particular topic may have received a small percentage interest among members, the BIWA Board of Directors may still consider a presentation on that topic to ensure a well-rounded set of TechCasts for all of our membership.

1) Type of TechCast – percent of members who rated these “very useful” or “moderately useful”
Best Practices – 98%
Tips and Tricks – 96%
Case Studies – 91%
Oracle product demonstrations – 79%
Oracle product overviews – 73%

2) Database Usage – percent of members who use the specific database
Oracle 10g – 83%
Oracle 11g – 58%
Microsoft SQL Server – 39%
Oracle 9i – 30%
MySQL – 17%
IBM DB2 – 16%
Oracle 8i – 13%
Teradata – 11%

3) Technology Interests – percent of members who expressed interest in area
Business Intelligence – 95%
Warehousing – 74%
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics – 72%
OLAP – 64%
Database Technology – 57%
Data Quality – 53%
Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) – 51%
Performance and Scalability – 46%
High Availability – 35%
Security – 31%
SOA, BPM, Web Services, App Server – 30%
Enterprise Management – 24%
Grid/Oracle Real Application Clusters – 24%
Middleware – 20%
Identity Management – 19%
Spatial – 16%
Content Management, Collaboration, Web 2.0 – 10%

4) Product Interests – percent of members who expressed interest in area
Business Intelligence – 95%
Enterprise Performance Management – 47%
Master Data Management – 46%
Project Management – 32%
Customer Relationship Management – 29%
Financial Management – 22%
Product Lifecycle Management – 19%
Governance, Risk, and Compliance – 17%
Supply Chain Management/Planning – 17%
Procurement – 13%
Fulfillment (Order Management/Logistics) – 10%
Human Capital Management – 9%
Asset Lifecycle Management – 8%

5) Application Interests - percent of members who expressed interest in area
Hyperion – 54%
Oracle E-Business Suite – 42%
Fusion – 37%
Strategy – 34%
Application Integration Architecture – 33%
Siebel – 32%
Development and Management – 30%
BEA – 17%
Agile – 16%
PeopleSoft – 15%
Oracle On Demand – 14%
Primavera – 8%
JD Edwards – 6%

6) Development Environments – percent of members who expressed interest in area
Oracle BI EE Admin Tool and Presentation Services – 51%
Oracle Application Express – 31%
Oracle JDeveloper – 22%
Eclipse – 20%
Oracle Forms – 20%
Microsoft .Net – 15%
Microsoft Visual Studio – 15%
Other Java IDE – 8%

7) Industry – percent of members who are in specified industry
High Technology – 38%
Financial Services – 33%
Professional Services – 23%
Public Sector – 20%
Communications – 19%
Consumer Products – 18%
Retail – 18%
Travel and Transportation – 16%
Education and Research – 13%
Industrial Manufacturing – 13%
Aerospace and Defense – 11%
Media and Entertainment – 10%
Engineering and Construction – 9%
Automotive – 8%
VAR or System Integrator – 8%
ISV – 5%

If you’d like to submit a proposal for a BIWA Wednesday TechCast, please click here for submission information. We look forward to seeing your TechCast proposal.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Collaborate 2010 - Tuesday

The major events for Tuesday included the second data of the BI BootCamp that started with my talk "De-Mystifying OBIEE / Oracle BI Applications" at 8:00 AM and ended in the BI Panel at 4:30-5:30 PM slot. My talk was followed by the General keynote where IBM's VP of the Optim group, Al Smith delivered the talk.

The BI keynote at 10:30 AM was delivered by Robert Gersten, SVP of BI and EPM at Oracle, who finally managed to fly back from Europe after being stuck due to Iceland volcano. The room was jam packed in Robert Gersten's talk, my estimate is about 110 people. Gaurav Rewari, VP of Product Strategy spoke with Robert and gave an overview of the current product and Robert gave the overview of the future roadmap. He mentioned that OBIEE 11 g is expected this summer! There were a fair amount of questions and discussions after his talk on BI/EPM topics.

The data mining and the OLAP bootcamps took place and were well attended. Karl Rexer delivered the data mining lab and also demonstrated ODM running off the Amazon cloud via the iPad. Marty Gubar delivered the OLAP lab.

The BIWA SIG meeting took place at 3:15 in Lagoon D and we had very good discussions for an hour, with over 15 people in the room. Some of the topics discussed were the need for more local BI events with perhaps an add-on training offering. IOUG and ODTUG are in talks as well to achieve the same.

The BI Panel was at 4:30 PM and the Panelist were Mart Rittman, Matt Vranicar, Joe Thomas and Jean-Pierre. I moderated the Panel and started with challenges faced by companies to "Get Analytical." The reasons quoted included from departmental nature of organization culture to technical reasons such as how to validate the data in the warehouse from the business perspective.

The next part of the discussion was about how to go about selecting the right tools and business fit of the solution. The importance of the Proof of Concept was emphasized in this part of the talk. A good POC should go into production, if you are doing the right due-diligence upfront. The last part of the talk was about determining the ROI of the BI/EPM implementation.

The last event of the day was the BIWA SIG Reception in Tradewinds D at 6:30 PM. This was an invitation only event and featured Robert Gersten with a 10-15 min talk. Also announced were the winners of the BIWA Haydu Contribution Award for 2010, Karl Rexer and Dan Vlamis. This award is given to those who have shown a high level of commitment to BIWA SIG over the last year.

Amongst the attendees of the BIWA Reception were BIWA SIG Board Members Karl Rexer, Dan Vlamis, Doug Hahn, Ian Abramson, Swapan Golla and Oracle Advisors Mark Hornick and John Haydu. Also present was Lejla Causevic, who is working on the next BIWA newsletter. The IOUG Board members in attendance included (apart from Ian), Todd Sheetz, Andy Flower, Kent, Judy etc... A number of Oracle Product Management members were also in attendance and along with the present users it created a lot of informal networking. That marked the of Tuesday, at this stage the BI Bootcamp and the Hands on Labs are over.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Collaborate 2010 - Sunday - Monday

The highlights on Sunday at Collaborate 2010 were:

1) Deep Dive into OBIEE by Mark Rittman (9-3 PM) the session was well attended (~30) people who came on Sunday. While I could not attend in person, I looked at his handouts and saw that he covered from the the basics of OBIEE and BI Publisher with product demos. He also covered integrating with Essbase towards the end with details like registering an Essbase cube in OBIEE.

2) Apart from attending the IOUG Conference Committee Meeting and helping in setting up the hands-on-lab for BIWA Track, I was able to attend the IOUG Speaker orientation meeting. As IOUG Conference Committee we got some cool Hawaiian shirt and was able to wear it around.

3) At 5 PM was the SIG Reception that was very well attended. Apart from some food and drinks and the SIG tables, there was also the painting of the Mural in the center of the room. The artwork will be donated to a local hospital. IOUG also gave away the Volunteer awards. The Ken Jacob award went to Charlie Berger and was received by Mark Hornick on his behalf. Ian Abramson, the IOUG President also received a surprise award.

4) After that I headed to Excalibur for the IOUG Volunteer Reception and met Tony Jedlinski there, who is a former IOUG Board Member.

The Day started early for me on Monday morning as we had to get ready for the BI Bootcamp with the BI keynote by Ray Roccaforte, VP of BI from Oracle. Ray is the only person who had a keynote in both the BIWA Summits (2007 and 2008) and was the keynote speaker today. His session was attended by 60+, even though it was very early!

Ray spend a fair amount of time taking about Exadata and its new features like Hybrid Columnar Compression. He explained how data has more redundancy in columns and that is used for columnar compression leading very high compression ratios.

The next event of the day was the keynote session where Chuck Phillips spoke remotely via web conferencing followed by Thomas Kurien. The Kurien's part of the talk included demos of EPM stack and the Web Center.

My next destination was the BI Bootcamp where Ian Abramsom gave a talk on ETL features of Oracle Warehouse Builder. His session had over 30 attendees. I missed the Juan Loaiza talk at the same time, but I found some comments on that talk here:

Over the lunch hour, I had to attend SIG Council Meeting. I found out that IOUG is planning a $50/yr web only membership that will be between the Associate membership (free) and the full paid membership. Additionally, the Content Management SIG is try to help IOUG migrate the SIG/RUG sites to an Oracle Content Management Software called Site Studio, if you have never heard of it, then check this.

In the post lunch session, the first talk was by Mark Rittman on OWB 11 R2 features followed by the talk by Marty Gubar on OLAP.

I had to rush after that for my own talk on Exadata that was also transmitted to the virtual audience. For a change, instead of focusing on just the technical features of Exadata, I included a lot of details on the background of the product, the details of TPC benchmarks, the feedback from Gartner (Jan 2010 - Magic Quadrant) and well as the Proof of Concept (POC) results posted on the web both for Exadata V1 and Exadata V2. It was nice to see the Oracle Product Management members like Herman Baer, Jean-Pierre (JP) and Ron Weiss in the room. There were a few Exadata V2 customers we well in the room. The talk generated a lot of questions and discussions. One attendee from IRS wanted to know if Public Sector customers are using Exadata as well.

The last event of the day was the Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Floor. Got a chance to see UPK for HFP and Planning application. There are still no plans for UPK content for BI Apps.

I have OBIEE talk right in Tuesday morning, so more later...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collaborate 2010 - Las Vegas, April 18-22

Collaborate 2010 Conference starts in a day!

BIWA SIG will be present in full force at the event, most of our Board of Directors are speaking at the event under the "Get Analytical with BIWA Training Days"

BIWA SIG started in 2006 and now has over 2100 members worldwide. It hosted two BIWA Summits - first one at Reston, VA in Sep 2007 and then in Oracle Headquarters (Redwood Shores), CA in Dec 2008. To take a conference to next level BIWA SIG joined hands with its parent organization IOUG, to be a part of Collaborate Conference. "Get Analytical with BIWA Training Days" is a Conference within a Conference. The highlight of the events are:
1) Sunday Deep Dive session covering OBIEE by Mark Rittman
2) BI Boot Camp spanning over two days Mon and Tuesday (all sessions listed below)
3) Hands on Lab covering topics like OBIEE, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), BI Publisher (BIP), Oracle Data Mining (ODM), Oracle OLAP, Excel Plug-in for OLAP and Oracle Spatial (demo). These are on first come first serve basis. Indicate your interest in this Wiki site
4) BIWA Reception on Tuesday Evening by Invitation (Please see Shyam V Nath or Dan Vlamis for your invitation if you do you have one in your registration packet).
5) Other BIWA related sessions Mon-Thursday