Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oracle Openworld 2010 - Getting Ready

As we get close to Oracle Openworld 2010, from Sep 19 to 23, at San Francisco, CA, I will be posting information of interest to the Oracle BIWA, Exadata SIG and related user community. Let us first begin with the events this week leading to the Openworld:

Thursday, September 16, 12 noon Eastern, Webcast Series
Exadata V2: Porting a Complex Application and Lessons Learned
by Aaron Werman
What are the best ways to make an application work well in Exadata and what design choices should be considered? This TechCast will offer substantial advice on porting existing applications to Exadata. We will also review risk areas and aspects worth testing based on migration experience.

The reviewed application domain is a large-scale trickle feed ETL for very high volume reporting, also including a variety of smaller transactional and ad-hoc query systems. We'll discuss porting and running a large mature ODS and reporting data warehouse from Oracle 10g to Exadata. We will cover migration strategies, tuning, and application rearchitecture.

Presenter: Aaron Werman is a senior architect at a large prime brokerage and architect for the data warehouse and its technical strategy and performance. He has deep experience in VLDB, Oracle, and heterogeneous systems.

Audio Dial-In:Audio Dial In: 866 682 4770 Meeting ID 1683901 Passcode 334451
List of Toll-Free International Dial-In Numbers: http://www.intercall.com/oracle/access_numbers.htm
Note: Audio will *not* be streamed over the internet.

Web Conference: To register and join in conference


Exadata SIG Meeting at Oracle Openworld 2010, will be held on Sunday at 10:30 AM PT at Moscone West, 1st Floor North side of the bldg. If you get lost please call 954 609 2402 cell for last minute directions.


After the Meeting head to IOUG sessions on Sunday, the details can be found at:

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Shyam Varan Nath said...

Some of the people attending the Exadata SIG meeting on Sunday at 10:30 AM are Robert Stackowiak, VP of BI at Oracle and author of upcoming book on Exadata V2, Rich Niemiec, CEO of Rolta TUSC and former President of IOUG and several other Oracle experts.