Monday, October 12, 2009

Oracle Openworld 2009 - Day 2 Monday

It's Monday at the Openworld. Having breakfast when my biological clock thinks it is lunch hour (almost!).

Karen Tillman VP of Oracle Corporate Communications is sharing details with the media today. Now Oracle is a software and a systems player rather than just a software company. This is the media briefing event. The keynote today is called the Art of the Impossible by Safra Catz and Charles Phillips. Next is Ann Livermore from HP.

There are general sessions today in the Hall D (keynote hall) such as the Andy Mendelson's session on Database.

Judy Sims is now introducing the event - 1900 sessions, 81,000 hotel room night impact, will serve 170,000 cups of coffee to the guests!!! Spin to Win is a new attraction where some attendees will be able to spin the wheel for VIP status in the customer party. This year most of the reading material will be in the Virtual Collateral with e-bag. Show your badge and get 15% off with 138 merchants here. Use opentable to book dinner. Tonight is the OTN Night is a great event for networking.

Join AeroSmith on Wed night. Roger Daltery, Three Dog Night, Shooter Jennings... the event closes with It's a Wrap on Thursday after noon at 4PM.

If you sign up for OOW10 now, its a $900 discount. Now Judy is giving out her tips such as schedule builder...wear comfortable shoes.... leave high heels home!

meet 5 new customers everyday....there are total of 345,000 customers of Oracle.

Now Charles Phillips and Safra Catz are here... who welcomed the 37,000 registrants for OOW, down from 44,000 last year. Safra is talking about the onus on customers in past to put the different parts of software together, image having to order car by parts and assembling it together... Likewise, it seems Oracle will focus on integrating different parts to make it more enterprise ready...

Wy is this event called "open" world, Safra explained that is Oracle's commitment to Open standards, Oracle's $3B spend in enterprise R&D.

According to Charles, Oracle listens to customers via Customer Advisory board, User Groups and Special Interest Groups (SIG) and this feedback is used to channel the $3B for R&D.

A lot of customers of SAP are using Oralce products (AIA) for SAP to SAP integration. He mentioned 5X savings in storage by compression. Oracle VM 2.2 is out along with OEM 10gR5.

Now Primavera is being introduced by Joel Koppelman who is in his first OOW. A lot of Primavera customers are in Oil & Gas, Utilities etc... Often accounting information is not made available from project management. Primavera P6 will not have integrations with JD edwards and E-business Suite using the AIA. Next will be for Peoplesoft, Agile etc... More so with Oracle BI ( I look forward to that!)

I wonder how it competes with the E-business Suite Project management modules. The acquisition of Primavera completed over 11 months... Next person on will be Paco Aubrejuan who heads Peoplesoft development. He is talking about challenges related to disconnect of budgeting from the day to day operations and differences between budget and actuals. Commitment control in PSFT can pull data from Hyperion Planning and use the concept of commitment spend and encumberances...this way there is continuous check on budget v/s actual throughout the year. Every new hire or speding can be checked with the budget.

This can lead to budget exception, so a PO can be blocked right away if it is not in line with the budgeted spendings. The budget from Hyperion can be published in PSFT.
Thus there is closed loop between budgeting and spending.

The next is the Retek and Profitlogic product. Duncan Angove is on the screen. From 2 seasons in traditional retail to 10+ floor sets now with 20% or less gross margin. a lot more mix and match of merchandise. So the floor set is constantly changing. No longer last season's information is enough for fast fashion. Oracle Retail now has Integrated Fashion Planning with modules like Clearance Optimization, Retail Demand Forecasting, Item and Asortment Planning. All these integrates with OBIEE. Planned obsolesacence is the key...

A good live demo of Retail levers that the retailer can pull say price or alter the product assortment. Good use of integration with mapping and BI. At this time the system's price optimization may help to reduce the give up of the margin by too much reduction in price. The demo used Profit Logic for price optimization and send the information to Retek for operationalizing "fast fashion."

The next section is Anthony Lye Senior VP for CRM. He is talking about Trade Promotions. How to optimoize the Trade Promotions? How to integrate Demantra with Siebel CRM and Demand Planning? The link to Promotions and supply chain was missing. What is being presented is Siebel CRM with Advanced Planning of Demandtra using AIA.
The demo is Siebel CRM and Demantra integrated flows.

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