Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oracle Openworld 2009 - Day 1 (Sunday) - Keynote Session

It's 5:30 PM (PST) now and am getting situated for the first keynote of the OOW. Just finished a hectic day of user group events, most of the BIWA SIG and Exadata SIG sessions were very well attended (multiple sessions with over 100) in the audience. That is impressive as there were ~140 user group sessions today at Moscone West.

The day ended in BI Panel discussions that I moderated where Mark Hornick, Mark Rittman, Greg Rahn and Marty Carangelo kicked off some really interesting discussions with good audience participation.

Now I see Safra Katz, Larry and Judy Sim walking in to take their seats... at 5:48PM
The event starts with a video on Scott.... He is dressed in almost red... and he commented that as Sun is "almost" an Oracle company but not fully red yet. He started with his top 10 list that is known 10 list that makes engineers go wild...

Scott's list of top 10 innovations (after 27 yrs of business) under the "SUN":
SPARC first 64 bit computer
Open source
BSD + UNIX System 5 = Solaris
E10K (64-bit Solaris, RISC SMP way)
ZFS/Open Storage / Flash (Exadata)
Project Blackbox (modular data center or data center in a shipping box)
SunRay (thin clients)
Chip Multi-threading (cool threads)

Scott is talking about MySQL, whether it will get clobbered? In his view is does not compete with Oracle or DB2, but with Microsoft. Likewise, InnoDB is still alive after Oracle bought it.

Jave is on 1 B PC's, on 2.2 B mobile phones... "Jave speaks for itself" Now the father of Java, James is invited on the stage...The Oracle's fastest growing products are huge bags of Java code. Oracle is involved in almost all the JSR's in some way... 15 million JRE's are downloaded a week. In Brazil the tax system is Java based and can be done only spikes the Java downloads at that time. The London Oyster card for local trains uses a Java card... Scott is concerned if Moscone center can hold Openworld and Java one together...

Sun is also a storage company. About 1/3 people run their business on Oracle, Java and SPARC. It begs the question the question when will Exadata come out on SPARC?

Scott invited John Fowler, who had unveiled with Larry, the Exadata V2 (Sun Oracle Database Machine) on Sep 15. John announced that Sun holds all 7 key commercial benchmarks...on SUN SPARC platform like OLTP, OBIEE, Hyperion etc...

Scott showed the Sun FlashFire card to emphasize the small size... In old days flash wore out quickly so question is - is it reliable. It seems the flash technology has improved over time and is quite reliable now...

The future of data center is compute, networking and storage...

Larry is now on the stage...the slide where they say IBM... we're looking forward to competing with you in the hardware business. Larry thinks that IBM is dissuading SUN customers and telling them that Oracle will get rid of hardware business. Larry says that is why the ads about competing with IBM....

Larry says that they will demonstrate that Oracle works best with SPARC...Oracle will increase investment for MySQL. They had bought Innobase and have not killed the product. InnoDB is integral part of transaction processing. Larry believes that Apple has done a good job in managing the H/W and S/W problems together. It seems Oracle with Sun wants to do the same. Oracle talked about the TPC benchmark that exceeds IBM's Power series benchmarks.

At a later session during the Titan Awards, IBM picked up a few Titan awards and a Global Partner Award..... more details to come

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