Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The keynote sessions have started and CEO of Infosys S (Kris) Golapakrishnan is now speaking on innovation and how he create a culture of innovation in his company. Each department has to come up with at least 2 new innovations for productivity boost every year. Every building looks different in Infosys, some even like flying saucer. Thus the culture of innovation has to be ubiquitous.

Kris is explaining the need for simplifying Organizational complexity. They operate in 27 cities but airline booking is done from one city (Bangalore). Anyone can email Kris (Ask Kris) directly, he gets about 600-800 emails a week and directly responds or are posted in company blog.

Kris saus we often use 2000 year old learning techniques..."Learning through collaboration and personalization delivered at their own pace" is most effective" Infosys uses web based training delivery internally to achieve these.

ICICI bank of India is power by Infosys solution and is an exaple of branchless bank, an example of IT led banking. Today Infosys has 62% revenues from North America, 25% from Europe and rest from rest of the world. However, the company envisions that in longer run it will be spread as 1/3 from each market as the most growth is in the rest of the world like India, China and Latin America for IT services.

The next event is Larry's keynote, and as usual what will be the new announcement? He started talking about open source Linux. He will talk about Exadata V2, a tool using data mining for discovering problems proactively.

Oracle VM is being used by companies like Dell, BT etc are using it. 65% of Linux users are running Oracle DB on Oracle Enterprise Unix, per survey by HP.

Larry is now talking about SUN Oracle DB Machine (Exadata). However, the machine he talked about on Sunday for TPCC benchmark, that is a SPARC Solaris machine running Oracle DB. Larry is presenting customer testimonials from Exadata V1, where the performance improvements are over the older configurations in their organization.

Larry is explaining that fast computers like Teradata, Neteeza are mainly for Data Warehousing only but not for OLTP or transactional system. The use of Flash Memory allows high speed random I/O.

The memory hierarchy in the Exadata V2 allows high speed random hierarchy, as there is no need to spin the disks for seek, on Solid State memory. The Exadata is meant to be fault tolerant with redundancy at every level.

Flash is slower than DRAM, but it is used to keep most of the database itself in the Flash memory. The use of compression allows 3X the size of DB on disk by use of OLTP compression. Thus a full 15TB database can reside in a single RACK of Exadata, theoretically. The RACK can do 1 million I/O's per sec.

Exadata is compared to IBM - 8 IBM DC8300 Turbo (76 racks) with cost of about $10.7 million. The capacity of two Exadata RACKS is compared here. Larry is now introducing the Hybrid Columnar Compression for Data Warehousing applications only.

In memory parallel query execution feature is used to compare with Parcel and other in-memory databases. The grid architecture helps to make the Exadata faster, allowing multiple CPU's to be used. The Flash and the Compression helps to improve the speed.

Porting applications to DB machine - "runs existing applications unchanged" However, we saw in customer panel from the V1 customers, that they had to leave behind the indexes and then add back some of the indexes. However, partitioning remains key in DW workloads. Larry is now showing the price without the software costs like the DB cost per node and Exadata software or Compression (OLTP).

So far no new announcements from Larry today....Arnold is too funny so I am not blogging any more... just Tweeting...

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