Monday, October 12, 2009

OOW Monday Evening

I spent a good part of the day in the Exhibit Hall (Moscone West and Moscone South). Some of the things that caught my attention were:

1) Pretty Large Presence of ( I think it is their first time at OOW)
2) Focus on Oracle on the Cloud, Amazon is also present
3) A real Sumo wrestler in the booth on Application Security - You don't know who you are up against?

Steve Miranda is talking now about Oracle Applications including Application unlimited. The customer Smucker is also expected. Janet Foutty of Deloitte will be on the stage.

Deloitte is the sponsor of this session. "Business Led and Technology Enabled" is the mantra. Tie back every penny to shareholder value. Janet is talking about Value maps that Deloitte uses to map business problems to Oracle products. Janet has a financial services background. Clients are focussed on cost cutting, efficiency and re-tolling their IT.

What's next, in the mind of clients - Improved Agility... is one of them. Next is Information Integration. According to Janet, Exadata enables new slices and dices of data that was not possible a few years ago.

Upgrading software is good hygiene, so customers should upgrade, per Janet. However, upgrade is not a casual decision, business and IT should co-own it. Janet believes that cloud and SAAS is truly a flex point in the IT history.

Steve Miranda is now going over the different application releases across the product suites. Rapid Planning is a new VCP (Value Chain Planning product) and it will be demoed. You can drill down to Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) to see the detailed budget that has come from Hyperion via AIA.

Rapid Planning can help to bring demand fulfillment with the supply. The Planner can setup alternates and launch the plan. Integration with Web 2.0 is available, such as IM and Meeting request using Webcenter. Overall, it can help to solve the business planning problem without the use of 'spreadmarts'.

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