Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday at Kaleidoscope

Monday sessions start...

Todd Trichler is getting the Oracle Contributor Award.
Second award goes to Al Marciante - for contribution to Hyperion SIG, having seem him last year and this year at Hyperion Symposium, this is a well-deserved award.

Paper awards being announced now (Editor's Choice)
...and the winner is Peter Koletzke!

Speakers awards based on speaker feedback
1) Presentation style Peter Koletzke (won a kaleidoscope as his award! the real one)
2) Best presentation content topic ...and the winner is Dimitri Geillis (a proud new father this week)

I am sitting next to Tom Kyte and have asked him to touch on the recent Big Blue announcement in the Database Panel, that he will participate in.

Jeff is explaining why Kaleidoscope has grown in size this year in size, an important milestone in this economy...focus on content. They are inviting Track Managers for next year. The event received over 500 abstracts for 2009, in the 4 main tracks. The APEX track is shown explosive growth. If you look at Oracle Mix, some of the top proposals are related to APEX. The Sundown session on Tuesday evening is for attendees to talk to the Oracle ACES.

Now the Keynote speaker is being introduced as former Hyperion, now Snr VP of BI & EPM (developer's developer as head of development from Hyperion)...

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