Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kaleidoscope (ODTUG) 2009 is a week away!

It was not too long ago that I blogged about Collaborate '09 and now it's about time for Kaleidoscope. It will be my second time at this event. Last year, it was at New Orleans where I volunteered on Saturday to paint a school along with several other volunteers such as Mary Lou Dopart from Oracle.

This year the scene shifts to Pacific, Monterey Beach, CA is a very beautiful location. So all those who do not often go to CA or more so to this part of coastal California, about 100 miles south of San Francisco, should definitely try to set aside some time to visit the surrounding places. About 30 miles south is Big Sur...the picture below is a nice view but any picture or video cannot do real justice to the natural beauty of the Monterey and its surrounds.

Well enough about the surroundings, let's now get to what we are "really" to the conference for. So even though the conference starts on Saturday with the voluntary event, the main attraction for me is the full day Sunday event. I am looking forward to the Hyperion Symposium, details in this post below. I sat through a similar session last year, and plan to assimilate more this year. Hope to meet Ed Roske, Tracy, Tim etc...even though it is an all day event where you practically sit in the same room, time I recall from last year.

Monday, I have a few sessions in my personal schedule builder, but my speaker session #91 is towards the end of the day : 3:45–5:15 PM Session 4 (90 minutes). The 90 minute format reminds me of the large slots on the SIG day (Sunday before Openworld). At Collaborate, I think there are either 60 min slots or 120 min expert sessions only... I will be talking about Master Data Management and its usefulness in context of Business Intelligence Applications.

I will be blogging and Tweeting on #ODTUG... with tips on logistics, what else to see in the area and so on...

Hyperion Symposium
Moderated by Al Marciante, Oracle Corporation

Oracle’s Sunday Symposium at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 will give attendees a unique preview to upcoming development work in Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management applications and Business Intelligence Platform. The symposium includes demos, prototypes, and slide content, as well as interactive Q&A for attendees to provide feedback to help validate and shape the features under development. The all-day symposium is planned to include previews in the following areas:

EPM Foundation and common services
Oracle Hyperion Planning
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
Oracle Essbase
Oracle Business Intelligence
Other projects in development
This symposium is offered for in-person attendees, and will not be recorded or available for download

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