Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keynote by Al Smith of IBM

Sitting in the keynote by Al Smith of IBM... towards the starts he talks about the importance of BI....liked the analogy of cost the of "dirt" in a landscaping project to the cost of managing the "data" as an infrastructure element in the enterprise.

Interestingly, IBM handed DB2 flyers on the way in to the keynote....some of you might have seen the recent a announcement about emulating Oracle DB in DB2.

This year IBM and Cognos booth are the same unlike the last year, however, noticed Piocon and TUSC have 2 different booth though both are under Rolta umbrella now. A good example of business case for Master Data Management (MDM. Stat from IBM keynote that managers spend more time looking for data than actually using it.

Al gave a good example of series of hardware upgrades with small performance boost, but with dimishing returns as data / database keeps grows. Tomorrow, I am speaking on Oracle Exadata and this a great example of why large DW shops need to include Exadata on theor road rather than plan incremental H/W upgrades...

Al built the case for data archiving, t support the IBM Optim family. Reminds me of the ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)...mainly how do you keep in compliance and keep huge amounts of data but not necessarily within the OLTP or DW rather in the data archives.

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