Monday, April 20, 2009

SUNsational Collaborate 2009!

Just about when we though we were all set for Collaborate 2009, Larry throws a curve ball! Yes it is the SUNsational news that Sun will be soon under the Oracle umbrella. What does it means for the user community? Well if you check the picture below, newly posted on the Oracle's website, now the Linux layer has become Solaris/Linux:
I really wonder how the marketing slogan of Oracle + Linux is unbreakable combination will change now?  Well, when I was sitting in Moscone Center in 2003, listening to one of the keynotes, I remember Scott McNeally joking telling Larry "Are you gonna buy us next?"  It's only six years later and several billion dollars lower, Sun is going to be part of Oracle family.

While we rarely look at Sun as one of the database players, really Sun does own MySQL, that Oracle once tried to acquire for a billion dollars.  On the hardware front, it's not long ago that Oracle announced the HP Oracle Database platform. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how Sun plays a part in the Exadata front. I do not even want to mention the impact of owning J2EE can be, I am sure others are writing pages sceculating the impact of this to SAP and IBM...

Anyways, I will in the center of action at Orlando, during Collaborate to see how is all works out as Sun admins and MySQL developers make a last minute march towards the Disney city! 

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