Saturday, December 6, 2008

BIWA Summit 2008 a recap

First of all Thanks to all the attendees, speakers and Sponsors/Partners for making this event a success!

The BIWA Board deserves an applause for working for close to an year to organize this event. While it is hard to single out any particular Board member, we decided to award Mark Hornick and Tony Jedlinski - the BIWA 'Haydu' Contribution Award for 2008.

BIWA SIG as a user driven group, tries to balance the voice of the actual users, vendors and the Oracle Product managers, VP's etc. Being not too long after the announcement of Oracle HP Machine with Exadata storage, it was inevitable to avoid the presence of Exadata in a far too obvious way. It is indeed a "BIG" invention, just to highlight how big is the 'X' box, I took the picture with me in the frame!

However, is the real word ready for Exadata, or there are other choices for the companies in 1-25 TB range? Our Platinum Sponsor IBM, helped ot fill that space. They showcased their tight relationship with Oracle as hardware vendors. The Optimised Warehouse Intiative (OWI) serves the customers in that space. IBM can ship the H/W compoments for the refernce configurations or the fully functional optimised stack for Oracle Data warehouses. Others in this space are HP, SGI, Sun, Dell/EMC etc. While none of the other H/W vendors were present as sponsors, Pillar Data was a new discovery for us at BIWA. They claim their niche as "application-aware" storage company and they ship a box that is optimised for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) or commonly known as BI Apps. This box runs the Oracle DW as well as the BI server.

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