Saturday, November 29, 2008

Three more days to BIWA Summit 2008

As we get close to the event, the weather is likely to stay mostly dry, at least compared to the heavy rains from the prior week. The low will be 45F, so if you are from a warmer place, please be prepared with some jacket.

We are requesting help from all speakers and attendees of the BIWA Summit, to compete the speaker survey forms, this will help us bring you the speakers that you liked the most in the future years as well. The speakers will receive an envelop with the speaker evaluation forms, all attendees are requested to fill these out and hand over before they leave the room. Please bring along your pens, hopefully the exhibiting sponsors will have pens as giveaways if you did not bring your own...

We have posted the public transit information to the Oracle campus to help keep the event green. However, if you prefer to rent a car, the goos news is there are places selling gas for below $2 in this area. If you still are looking for hotels, Sofitel is very close with a shuttle to conference center. If you are looking for really low cost deal, them Motel 6, is 6/10 th of mile away and rates for Dec1-4 are $54+tax...
#1251, US 101 at Ralston Avenue/Marine World Parkway
1101 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA 94002, (650) 591-1471
Motel 6

If you will stay here, for an extra day after the event or are getting here on Monday early, check out some of the places worth seeing, specially if you are not from Bay area and donot come here frequently. Some of my favorites are:
1) Golden Gate Bridge, Marina and Fisherman's Wharf (in San Francisco downtown area or close by)
2) Half Moon Bay (Take 92 W - N 101 from Oracle, to the beach... and drive up to San Francisco through the Pacifica!) or if you love the mountains, take 101 S to 84 W, 25 miles of drive up and down the mountains to reach the coast...South of half moon bay
3) Drive north to Napa Valley or Sonoma valley and take wine train ride... (will need almost a full day)
4) Drive along the coast, on 1, thru Santa Cruz, Monterey to big Sur! This will take you at least 3-4 hrs each way... you better not be afraid of heights and cliffs!!! I will post some of the pictures of these areas...

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