Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oracle Openworld 2008 - Countdown begins

This is the last week before the Openworld starts on Sep 21, 2008. The Wall Street has really pushed the panic button, 500 and 400 points in the red, in last two days! Will the state of the economic union have any impact at an event like OOW?

Well the Oracle stock ORCL was at its 52 week low today at $18.07, the earnings call is tomorrow and the guidance had been less than optimistic. However, Larry is known to announce new products, offerings every time at Openworld. So what is the speculation this time? Oracle database guru Mark Townsend says it's going to be the biggest one ever! Over 50,000 are expected to participate online apart from 43,000 attending in person. The Extreme Weekhand starts on the weekend and will feature how to setup RAC cluster, Data warehousing, JD Edwards hands-on and other stuff with pizza and beer in the room. The Oracle Develop event runs in the Hilton...with purely development focus. Google and others will talk in this event and his event will cover beginer to advanced level developers who will learn about .Net, Java, PHP etc.

Two large exhibit halls will house about 500 exhibitors. Chuck Roswat will speak on Information Management, Andy Mendelson will talk about the future of databases.
Tom Kyte will talk about the database "worst practices" like he did recently at NY Oracle USers Group. We hope to hear a lot about content management products like the content DB and records DB. Records DB helps with the compliance and security with the help of rules that can be implemented with these product. Database Vault will also be show cased for internal security of data with roles based segregation of data access in the database.

Secure backup and Secure Enterprise Search (SES) have been around for a while but will get some attention this time. IT will be good to compare / contrast SES with Goolge search applicance.

In the data warehousing space, Oracle Warehouse Builder is bundled in database. With OWB base product being a free product, it's likely to get more popular. The data quality and enterprise connectors will stay priced options.

Stop by the demogrounds for demo of all these products in the Exhibition Hall.

Those attending in person, if you will be driving in the San Francisco downtown, be ready to observe altered traffic patterns:

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