Friday, September 19, 2008

Last Working day before Oracle Openworld

TOday was the last working day before the Openworld kicks off. The stock market had a good 2 day run, and Oracle stock ORCL came postive from the 52 week lows, so the stage is all set for a bigger, better OOW. BEA will be there on the red side of the fence for the first time. Last two years, the BI folks (Siebel and Hyperion) got the spot light, this time its middleware, let's see what is new in Fusion this time. An interesting trend though is "fusion" of BI and SOA. Oracle is well placed in both the segments. The new paradigm is to think of BI components as "services" in the enterprise SOA architecture. This has a lot of potential as SOA so far has lacked "content" and growing popularity of BI can provide that missing "content" to the service oriented architecture.

So I would be airborne in 12 hrs, getting there middle of day on Sat to Bay area, so that I am all set of the marathon 7 seven session for BIWA SIG on Sunday. Actually two of the BIWA sessions will current concurrently as one room can have only 5 sessions in a day...

BIWA SIG does not formally have any business meeting, but please feel free to stop by at my session as I will spend a few minutes on what is BIWA upto lately. IT will be at 1 PST at Room 2001 in Moscone West on Sunday Sep 21. There is also a BI panel at 4 PM in the same room on "Why do BI projects Fail?" Joe Thomas, the Oracle veteran will drive that session.

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