Sunday, September 21, 2008

BIWA Sessions at OOW 2008

Dan Vlamis started the day...about 100 attendees, well received talk, was in parallel with Mark Rittman's talk. Mark had arrived at 4 AM and said he was jet lagged...

Next session was Ian (his story is he lost his wallet on the way to San Francisco), he spoke on Master Data Management. This was in parallel Matt Vranikar's talk.

After lunch, was my talk on Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator, Carl Daniels from the Oracle Development, ran the demo during my talk. They will also be on the demopod L23 in Moscone west.

Richard Solari and Teresa Wong's tag team talk was very powerful and very well received. It ran amost full 90 mins. The final event of the day was the BI Panel, moderated by Joe Thomas, participants, Charlie Berger, Dan Vlamis, Jon Mead, Matt Vranikar, myseld and Rich Solari. The Q&A was quite interactive at the end, followed by some post Q&A discussions, one on one...

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