Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 2 at Collaborate - Key Note with Andy

Monday morning started with opening key note by Andy Mendelson who talked about the DB features that provide Oracle the edge in the world of DB vendors. He highlighted features like Real Application Testing (for realistic testing), Information Lifecycle Management to save on storage costs, on the features for compliance like Total Recall, Database Vault etc.

The IOUG voluteer award were also awarded, Tom Kyte got the Ken Jacobs award for contribution to the User Community (they called it IOUG Oracle Contribution award till last year when I got it!). It was nice to hear Ken's recorded video, he was the first recipient of this award, of cource we would have love to see Dr DBA in person but as he joked the technology to cyber port people or replicate people is not there yet!

Today we also had the first Unconference session (power point free zone) for BIWA SIG, next is the formal SIG meeting at the Korbel ball room at 11:45 EST.

I am using the conference center wireless so connectivity is great!

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