Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 0 Collaborate

Here I am in the mile high city with the mile high spirit! At the Denver airport it is nice to see the banner about Collaborate from the city, reconfirms that you took the right flight and landed in the right city for the next week full of excitement.

After getting to Denver and checking in early to the hotel (one of the perks of being a Platinum member of that hotel chain), contacted my former Oracle colleague who lives here. He is conducting the ful day OBIEE training tomorrow, of late any OBIEE related talk has been a big crown puller, we experienced that in BIWA Summit as well. Also getting ready for the conference committee meeting today at 4:00PM.

Saw a bit of snow after landing in the city, the airport is about 20 miles NE of the city which means a lot of such will be cutting it close on Thursday on way back home. There are fewer red eye flights out of Denver to East coast than say out of SFO or LAX, so you kinda have to leave at mid day and reach home late night, for those from the East coast.

Watch out for more....we will have the whole BIWA SIG crew here Len R, Dan V, Lejla C, Matt V, Ian A etc (if you do not recognise these names go to BIWA's page (

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