Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Collaborate Day 2/3

Day 2 My presentations were related to Total Recall and Database Development Best Practices. The day ended with the invitation only Geek meet that also had the Linux installfest managed by the OTN staff.

Day 3 The Grand BI Debate, Topic was:
Are Pure Play BI Vendors on Road to Extinction?

The pro team was Joe Thomas, Matt Vranikar and Dan Vlamis

The against team was Steve Lemme, Scott Rappoport/Steve Stein and Shyam Varan Nath.

The debate was moderated by none other than Ian Abramson who will be the next IOUG President. Both sides gave good arguments such as pro side stated that Larger companies only can afford to invest in the integration of BI technologies with the Applications and Database. An example is IRI the owner of Oracle Express or the root of modern day OLAP was in heavy debt when Oracle bought it and helped revive the OLAP technology on Oracle platform.

The against side pointed out the cannibalization of products by Oracle such as OLAP/Essbase, Discoverer/OBIEE and pointed examples such as BI apps where link between Oracle Apps (EBiz) and OBIEE is a pureplay vendor - Informatica.

Later today is the Explore Colorado party and since it is snowing today in Denver, its great to "explore" Colorado inside a hall. The Exhibit hall closed today. So now things are coming towards a wrap up....

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