Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BIWA SIG at Collaborate Day 1/2

Day 1 we had the first Unconference session in PowerPoint free zone followed by the BIWA SIG meeting. The SIG meeting was very interactive dicussion between some of the BI industry experts and Oracle PM's and touched different aspects like ETL, BI tools and Oracle's direction in the BI space.

I delivered the hands on lab on Oracle Text and Oracle Text Mining in the state of art hands on lab. James Liu has done a wonderful job managing the nuances of the onsite 50 PC lab. I was forced to move the lab to 11g as I could not create text index in where the fix was not available on the OS I used. The attendees loaded unstructured data in Oracle database, ran text queries, setup SQL Developer and Oracle Data miner on the fly to get a good feel of it.

The Keynote by Chuck Phillips at 4:45PM was well attended and lead to the Exhibition hall night but that was not the end. The evening ended with Oracle Tuning Coffeehouse....

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