Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Nov 11 at Oracle Openworld

It all begin's in a few minutes, today will be dedicated to the User Groups and SIG's, except in the evening there will be sneak preview to Exhibition Hall
and the inaugural Keynote / Welcome session in the evening.

I am now in the 8:30 AM session at Moscone West, 2001 -L2, where
all the BIWA track presentations will take place. Connected to the
Wiki network, but it seems kinda slow.

Ian Abramson is the first speaker, his topic:
"My Oracle Features for your Data Warehouse Needs"
seems a good database centric topic to kickstart the day!

This year the room is much larger (285 capacity )than last year which only accommodated 80. The registration desk at OOW has been spread out this time, you pick up badges at one place (Moscone West) and pick up the goodies at Moscone South, kinda keeps the crowd distributed.

Ian is an entertaining speaker, he started of with the comment on the Canadian dollar v/s US Dollar!

Ian introduced the BIWA SIG and its activities and then
went on to speak about his first love Ice Hockey... I am Data Warehousing.
His experience stems for first hand experience as well as his
6 Oracle technoloy books.

From the Terabyte club, the top most used Oracle feature in DW is partitioning,
followed by parallel execution, compression etc. Surprizingly ASM is far down the
graph, indicating that RAC usage is still to penetrate the world of the DW.

Comression, is increasingy becoming popular, as space requirements are growing
and you cannot keep buying disks, so compression is an option. I hear compressed
index can even improve performance inspite of the overhead to decompress data on the fly due to need to read less number of blocks.

More to come.....

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