Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Larry's keynote at OOW 2007

This year we got to listen to two keynotes from Larry Ellision, first one on Sunday and then on Wed. I had recently gotten a chance to learn about the history of Oracle in a talk titled "How Oracle Came to Rule the World" by Richard Neimeic at BIWA Summit, but it was great to listen from Larry himself as he describes how he put his house on stake to get Oracle going some 30 years ago.

In today's keynote, Larry did a quick recap of the Linux support and then talked about Oracle VM. The part I liked most was the story of Sales Prospector and how data mining is the core of that product. Interestingly, Larry used the Amazon example to describe use of data mining in everyday life. I had used the same example on my Data Mining talk titled "Machine Learning about Human Learning" on Sunday at the BIWA SIG session. As Charlie Berger the Product Manager of Oracle Data Mining would say it, "it is moving up the maturity curve of BI." It is great that the first of the Fusion apps are powered by advanced analytics and plan to take organizations beyond "sales forecasting for managers." It will be great to see an average salesperson leveraging data mining and advanced analytics to drive more business more. Interestingly, Oracle may use Sales Prospector to sell more "Business Intelligence" tools to its 300,0000 customer base!

Larry's Q&A session is always interesting, though this time he did not talk about sailing. I liked the idea of ULA's or unlimited use licnese for small and mid size businesess as well. This will be a great entry point for small organizatiosn to try out the fancy features. Just to give an example, take features of 11g database. Before, I recoomend Total Recall or Advanced Compression, I have to warn them that these are paid options. ULS's may help to move away from that model.

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