Sunday, November 11, 2007

BIWA SIG events at OOW - Sesson 3 - 4

Session 3 was split into two parts:

Joe Thomas talking about BI, DW and Advanced Analytics sessions Mon-Thursday at Oracle Openworld 2007. Joe is a veteral of 18 Opneworlds and used his experience to point out the sessions that the BIWA attendees can use to make the most of this openworld. He listed the topics in the oder of DW sessions, BIEE related sessions and EPM sessions. I will upload his PPT at along with the other PPT's from today.

The second half was my talk on A Case Study for BI, DW and Advanced Analytics - "Machine Learning About Human Learning." A got quite a few questions in the Q&A session, which is always a good sign.

At this time Jim Raper is talking on "Knowing What you Don't know" - a fairly intriguing topic. Jim has hands on experience with SQL Server and well as Oracle since its early releases. His presentations point out any nuances that Oracle tool face with SQL Server.

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